Monday, February 9, 2015

More Plaid, Please


Ever since I made my first Airelle, by Deer and Doe, I knew there would be another one. I love the simplicity and the sweet, Chelsea collar. I used the reversible fabric purchased recently, which seemed like a no-brainer for playing up a contrasting collar. Not too much to tell. I forgot to include the side darts (whoops) and made my front and back (diamond) darts a little deeper. This made the overall top a bit more fitted. I think I'll make sure it hangs a little looser next time. Also, will add a half inch to the cuffs as they ride up a bit when I'm wearing a cardigan and become just a bit too tight.


I love the soft gauzy fabric so much. It's a loose weave that loves to fray, but it's such a quick and easy pattern that you can finish up before it starts fraying all over the place.
Just a few notes:
  • You can sew the sleeves in flat. I love that. 
  • You do need to gather a bit for the cuffs. It doesn't say that in the instructions because, I guess, it's so obvious. I like Deer and Doe's instructions and clear illustrations, but I find it difficult to know sometimes if a step isn't listed because it's so obvious or if I should skip that particular step. I still need a lot of hand-holding, I suppose. 
  • This pattern is not unlike the Mimi blouse from Tilly's Love at First Stitch, which makes me think it would be pretty easy to add a button placket, faux or otherwise, for a bit of extra visual interest.

Of course, I couldn't resist making a pair of matching drawers. :) Have a lovely week!

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