Sunday, April 12, 2015

Aberdeen, Thread, and Feeling Like Myself Again


Hello! Oh Man did I miss blogging! For the last two months I've been focusing ALL my energy on work, putting in extra hours on the weekends, working late, and generally feeling like a zombie. For the most part, it was a joyless, anxiety-ridden time, but I learned a lot- both about the job and about myself. Of course, now that I'm through the hard part, I can look back with appreciation. I had an opportunity to get paid to learn AND experienced revelations every day. How awesome is that?

I missed making things so much, though. It doesn't matter whether it's sewing, or ceramics. or painting, or making jewelry, I've come to realize that this an important part of my life that helps me maintain a sense of well being and is therefore just as important as the other parts of my life.

Alas, after that somewhat grandiose statement, I have a bit of a whimper of a make to show you. Behold the Colette/Seamwork Aberden:


First off, the color. Why I purchased a slubby knit the precise color of wet newspapers is a mystery.  I  think I was originally thinking about making a bottom with this fabric - some sweats or leggings - so wanted something low key.  When I saw the Aberdeen, a front and back V-tunic, I knew I wanted to make it, and since I'd abandoned whatever sweatpant plans I had for this fabric a long time ago, I thought I'd make a test version. I haven't had the best of luck with Colette patterns, so I'm glad I used this bland fabric up for my test version. The fit is not good.


I made an extra large. Clearly, it's way too big in the shoulders. I would be showing my bra straps all day. I could try a large to see how that fits. However,  I like the extra room everywhere else, so I'm wondering how one would go about doing an FBA on a knit batwing sleeve top.

I will definitely play around and try this pattern again. I think it just needs some tweaking. On the bright side, in an effort to perk up this drab fabric I explored the embroidery options on my sewing machine and played around with an embroidered hem. Check it out.



I didn't stabilize the fabric or anything. Because it's slubby, it's not super stretchy, so it was fine. Now, normally I would make some undies with the scraps, but because I didn't want to make a sad, gray pair of undies, I made an extra fancy little tea towel/wash cloth instead. I took it as an opportunity to explore my various stitches and use up some pretty bobs and bits of thread I've had sitting around.


So there you go. You win some and you lose some. The best part, though, is that I got back to making stuff, to experimenting, to making myself happy.

Thanks so much for reading and have a fabulous and creatively fulfilled week!

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