Sunday, May 31, 2015

Color Style


Hello! Hope you've had a lovely weekend. Except for the extended gloom and cold, my weekend was pretty great. I've been all about quick little projects to get back into sewing, plus I had some nice knits that I wanted to work with.


This week I made a Colette Mabel mini, an oversized SBCC Tonic Tee, and an infinity scarf. I made the Mabel on a weeknight, which almost never happens, but it's such a quick and easy project. It was a bit of a trip down memory lane for me as the Mabel was my first knit project. I remember being so intimidated the first time. It was such a nice feeling to barely have to look at the directions this time. If you're thinking about making it, I would say that the mini is quite mini - even for me at 5'2" I just turned up the hem half an inch so it wouldn't be too short. I know a black tube skirt is a bit of a boring project, but I needed it to fill a hole in my wardrobe. It will get lots of wear. I used black ponte and made a size Large. I like the way it's not tight but the skirt stays put and never twists around.



For the Tonic Tee I was envisioning an oversized top with extra long cuffs I could pull over my hands to make it extra cozy and soft, so I made the 3X. Now that I've worn it a bit and looked at pictures, I can see that it really is WAY too big and will trim it down and shorten the sleeves/cuffs. That's an easy fix. The fabric, from Wanderlust but no longer available, is a two way stretch (or is it called four way?) and the stripes are unusual in that they are diagonal.


I really love this fabric and how it's an off white instead of a bright white. At one point, I excitedly told my husband that it reminded me of an old mattress, which made him look at me kind of funny. Usually I know what I like, but lately I keep finding myself vacillating between bright colors and more sedate tones. I love and have always loved rich, jewel toned colors, but I also love all the examples of tasteful garments in neutrals that I see on some of my favorite sewing blogs. I can't seem to make up my mind which camp I'm in.


And that's where the infinity scarf comes in. I don't have to choose. I can have a neutral, but still get a kick of color to cheer away the gloomy and foggy weather. The fabric, while not exactly a double gauze, is actually two layers of the softest knit sewn together in a similar manner. I bought it at Britex with one of my gift certificates and at 29.95 per yard it was more than I usually spend. Then when I got it home I realized that it wouldn't make a great top because the knit is super clingy. It was meant to be a scarf, I guess. Seriously, it's so soft it feels like cashmere against my face even though it's not. And the color makes me very happy.


So that's me with some new cozies. What about you? Do you ever have trouble deciding what your style is? Are you ever influenced by other bloggers only to find that their style may not work for you?
Thanks so much for reading and have a lovely week!


  1. I am all about quick little projects when my sewjo ebbs. I think there are great and your styling is spot on -- you are right the infinity scarf gives a perfect pop of color that really makes you glow.