Wednesday, July 22, 2015

An Engineering Feat


Hello Lovelies! Happy Hump Day and all. As you might have guessed, I've made a bra and underpants. I can't believe how much of a lemming I am. Of all the sewing trends, bra-making is probably the most expensive and challenging. I dunno... RTW bras (especially in the larger sizes) are quite expensive and hard to fit so worthwhile to learn how to custom make, but then again maybe some things should be left to the professionals? Hmmm.


.... So, first things first, the fit is off in the upper cups, which means I have to start over. Bummer. But not completely unexpected.... I had been warned. I'll start with the details: I took the Craftsy course with Fairy Bra-Mother, Beverly Johnson. I really, really enjoyed her class. Her teaching style is mostly earnest and the lessons are straightforward, but she also reveals her charming, droll sense of humor every so often. I loved it and found her easy and enjoyable to listen to, which made it easier when I had to go back and rewatch some steps. 


For next time: increase band by 1/2 inch. zig zag followed by three step zigzag.

My plan is to salvage most of my scraps and begin again with another bra. On the bright side, I did learn a bit for the next one. It's a shame I can't practice with an old sheet, though, as that would be more economical.

And speaking of salvaging scraps...


So the undies pattern is the Seamwork pattern from Feb. It's just a really good, basic, comfortable brief that I like to wear. I was using a free undie pattern from a blogger (Thank you, Indigo Orchid, for your generous spirit and for making it easy for me to get started and explore this DIY.), but the Seamwork pattern is closer to my size. I actually felt nostalgic about sewing underwear the other day and was able to trace back my last RTW undies purchase to April 2014. I know, weird that I would know that. The only reason is because I had to jump on an emergency flight cross-country to my parents' house and hadn't had a chance to do laundry. (BTW, everyone's okay at home) I love making my own underpants now. Mostly, I use scraps, but I also raid the Good Will bag for old tee shirts. The purple and back pants are from an old GAP tee and the red stripeys are from a, mostly unsalvageable, wadder.

So that's it for me. Have a great week and thanks so much for reading! Cheers!


  1. I'm working on the same bra pattern right now, and the volume in the upper cup is an issue for me too! My goal is to see if I can just subtract the top inch of so of the cup so it's not so matronly. Are you going to keep going with the Classic pattern, or switch to something else?

  2. I'm going to keep with this pattern until I get it right. I think I'm close. I neglected to mention in my post that the bridge sits flat against my chest wall, which is a good sign.