Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy Fourth!


Hello! If you're in the U.S., hope you're able to enjoy the holiday and  have some fun. We didn't really get it together to get out of town, so we're hanging out in the fog. So far it's been nice, but now I'm up in the middle of the night  - probably due to random, illegal fireworks action happening not too far away by the sound of it. I'll take this opportunity to catch you up on my sewing learning, obsessing, etc. But first... how about some unselfish sewing in honor of America's b-day.


This handsome fella - AKA Beej - is modeling his recently completed Christmas present. On Christmas morning I presented  him with the World Series SF patch (for the SF Giants baseball team), along with a note that it would go on a shirt that I would make for him. Only 6 months later...Beej has a new shirt.

The details:
  • Pattern: Colette Negroni, I made my first men's shirt last year. You can see it here
  • Fabric: A robust, heavy linen - like burlap in its loose weave and tendency to fray -  purchased from Discount Fabric - probably around $10 per yard. Random thought: whenever I sew with linen I daydream about Medieval Times because it's an old textile. I also love ironing it. That said, now that the shirt is assembled, it will be the owner's responsibility to press it.  
  • Flat felled seams - booyah! I understand the concept now - much easier after completing a few projects involving French seams such as the True Bias Sutton blouse.  I'm satisfied with the shoulders and am pleased that everything is encased - especially considering how much this linen loves to fray.
  • I had the patch professionally sewn on at my local drycleaner. Is that weird? They've done such a nice job on Beej's jackets in the past, and even though I'm all about learning, I thought I should leave this part to the professionals. I actually learned a bit when I got the pocket back. The tailor had applied a ribbon-like fusible around the entire pocket for added strength. She also re-pressed and re-folded my pocket, mitering the corner in the proper manner. I tried to emulate her technique with the other pocket, but, of course, hers is much better. So I learned a bit from her.
  • I may eliminate the curved hem next time. It was difficult with this heavy, coarse linen.

More details:
  • I love these buttons I purchased at Britex. They're encased in brass rings. I wanted something to pick up the gold/metallic accents in the patch but not be too blingy. I also learned how to use my button sewing foot. It was pretty easy because my machine defaults to a standard size, which I think these are, so there was no adjusting. Best tip so far: from What Katie Sews (Have you seen her sewing room? So cute and beautifully organized.) She recommends taping buttons in place and sewing directly on top of the tape. Tape peels right off. Awesome.
  • Although sewing and opening the buttonholes was drama-free, I'm always disappointed at how they turn out. This heavy linen was a bear and probably didn't help matters. Also, reminder to myself because I can never remember if I'm starting at the top or bottom of a buttonhole - it's the bottom, Donna, remember that!
So that's my unselfish sewing done for the year. ;) I'm thinking about making Beej this shirt each year to track my progress. Currently, I'm fantasizing about sewing with luxurious knits and making a bra AND making jeans - i.e.  way overbooked with sewing plans. Hope you're having a great weekend and thanks so much for reading!


  1. We had continuous fireworks in Louisiana as they are not illegal (they were illegal in all the two other states I have lived in so this is a new one for me!).

    The shirt is splendid -- love the patch!

  2. Wait... I gotta iron it?! 😎 I love the shirt, bb! Thank you!

  3. Thanks, Annie! Continuous fireworks would do my head in, so I'll consider myself lucky. Beej, yes, you will have to iron it. Especially if you go around telling people I made it. ;)