Sunday, August 30, 2015

Anniversary Outfit


Hello Hello! I woke up far too early for a Sunday morning, so I thought I'd catch up on the ole' blog rather than pacing around the apartment. Last week, Beej and I had our wedding anniversary and decided to have an afternoon date - lunch and a museum exhibit. Even though we spend almost all our time together, we don't get out that much, which actually makes it more special when we do go out. And, of course, I wanted to wear something new...


The top is the Tessuti Mandy boat neck top and the skirt is the Vogue 1247. Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately for you) this is the only halfway decent photo of me wearing my outfit, but I promise you I felt cute and was comfortable wearing it even if you can't tell by my pained expression.


This is the third Mandy tee I've made but first blogged. It's free and easy - so no reason not to give it a go. I like the absence of a neck binding - not just because it makes it quicker to sew, but I also like the clean look of it. As other bloggers have noted, this is similar to the Hemlock tee with its boxy shape. The big difference is that the arms are more fitted, which keeps the top from moving around the shoulders too much - so fewer chances of bra straps showing. I did, however, have to lower the neckline an inch because my first one cut too high at the neck, which I think was caused by my bust pushing the neck up too high. I also shortened the first one a lot (maybe four inches) but then found that it didn't really need to be shortened that much (maybe only 2 inches - I'm 5'2"), which is kind of amazing for a one-size-fits-all pattern.

I've been wanting to make the skirt for a while now since I've seen so many adorable versions all over the internet. The pockets look a bit droopy in the above pic, but it's not an issue when I wear it. I've been working on my first pair of Ginger jeans and had bought some cheap denim remnants to practice on. This remnant wasn't big enough for jeans - so, a no-brainer to turn it into a denim skirt, right? Since my waist measurements put me outside of the pattern size, I followed SuzybeeSews advice and just added an inch to the side but made sure to move the pockets out a little bit. Here's the obligatory inside shot...

Neon pink and yellow and black - it's like an 80's dance party up inside my skirt. I think the denim is too heavy for binding, and I might have been better off serging the seams, but I wanted the full Vogue 1247 experience. Plus, I bought a bunch of bias binding when I first started sewing because every beginner sewing book I read said it was the best thing ever. I didn't know anything about the different size folds, etc., so I made a bunch of "oh, pretty colors" random purchases. It was nice to use up some bits and pieces that have been sitting around.

So that's my outfit. Now if only I could get some sleep... I'll leave you with some pictures of my favorite piece from our day at the museum - this awesome metallic tapestry by Ghanaian artist El Anatsui that is part of the deYoung's permanent collection. I love the texture, the traditional influences from a modern perspective, and how it's made from discarded items- yet it looks so lush. Stunning!





  1. What a fun outfit! I love the inside of the skirt. Haven't seen this pattern before, and it's such a clever construction of the pockets! The bias binding makes it so much better!

  2. Thank you, Addie. I hope to make another in corduroy for fall. :)