Saturday, August 15, 2015

Mojave Tunic


Hello there! Hope you're doing great. Every year I complain about how foggy the summers are in my neighborhood but not this year. It's been unseasonably warm. The only problem, and this is not a complaint,  is that I don't have a lot of clothes suitable for warm weather. So you can imagine my delight when I saw the Mojave pattern from Seamwork - a loose, airy caftan/swimsuit coverup that can be sewn up in a couple of hours.

Okay, so my caftan turned into a tunic, and I spent more than a couple of hours on it because I'm slow. I can't even make a pair of underwear in less than two hours. But it was super fun to make, and it allowed me to get a little creative. I spend a lot of time thinking about how I would like to use special textiles (lace, embroidery, etc.) for collars and yokes to make unique garments and this seemed like the perfect pattern to try something like that. Below are a couple of process shots via instagram. (Yes, I finally fell down the rabbit hole that is instagram. So many amazingly creative makers out there.)


The collar is a really lovely Guatemalan textile from Britex. It's heavy like a twill, which is nice because it worked almost like using interfacing. The dark blue fabric, also from Britex, was on sale for $5 per yard and is some sort of cotton blend. It has really nice drape. I had planned to use some leftover black linen from a shirt I made for Beej, but there wasn't enough. Good thing, too, because I think the weight of this fabric is much more appropriate.


Overall, I'm happy with how it turned out. I added a little panel of fabric underneath the collar so that I could wear it as a top instead of a swimsuit cover up. It's still too low cut, but I think I can just re-adjust the panel or wear a cami underneath. Sizewize, I think I made a 16 or an 18 - I don't remember. It was too big in the shoulders and back so I ended up cutting it down the center back and taking it in something like three inches. It's designed to be a caftan, so I knew it would be oversized. An FBA would've been better than sizing up, but I had no idea how to adjust the bust for a style like this. I guess it's sort of like a princess seam, but then there's the gathered center just seemed easier to hack it down.


Here's a shot of the back. (BTW, I'm not sure if my photographer was trying to be creative with this angle or if it's the result of day drinking. ;))


So that's all I've got. I just bought some nice knits and am looking forward to some fall sewing/planning next month. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks so much for reading.


  1. I like it--the colors are great. I love tunics--definitely will check out this pattern.

  2. Thanks, Robin! I thought it was a fun pattern.

  3. Wow! Those colors are fabulous on you. I hadn't heard of this pattern but now I am curious....