Friday, October 16, 2015

Akita Upcycle


Hey there! I'm on a blogging roll these days, right? I made another Akita top (Colette, Seamwork, etc.) AKA the easiest top in the world to make. Seriously, I love that it's just one pattern piece.

So before I lay out the details, I wanted to bring up something else. After reading yesterday's post, my husband had an interesting observation about my self deprecating blogging voice. In short, he thinks I'm being too hard on myself when I talk about my sewing fails, etc. I explained to him that sewing is an accumulation of techniques and that I'm making notes so that I can get better. However, I think he brings up a good point and so, as an exercise,  I'm going to try to be more aware of the impact that my words have. I'll start by avoiding words like "failure" and try not to criticize my body. Let's see how it goes. :)

So the top! It's a thrifted maxi turned into a drop waist top. See below:

It's a super bright red... a little too bright.  I sort of wish I had done something creative with the beaded yoke, but I was worried it was going to look too cheap, Forever 21ish, etc. I tried to make a gathered panel similar to my block printed Akita, but since I had never sewn gauze fabric before, I didn't realize that it would stretch out so much. As result my calculations were off. No biggie. I think it's cute and I love the deep side slit. That's my favorite part. Check it out:


After taking these pics, I resewed the side seams so they don't look quite as wonky. The part where the side seam met the bottom panel was looking a bit odd, but it's corrected now. I also enjoyed making the bias tape from some scraps. I'm starting to like bias tape again.

#bias tape #sewingblog


Overall, I'm happy with the top and enjoyed working with a new (to me) fabric.

Speaking of fabric, I would like to share another Akita that didn't turn so well. See what I did there? That's me turning over a new leaf. No f-word. Okay, I was so excited after I made my linen version that I wanted to try another Akita and make it as it was intended - i.e. no bottom panel. So I broke out my beautiful Amy Rhodes fabric that reminds me of Lake Tahoe. That's where I got married, and my husband and I try to visit every year, so I have very special associations with the fabric and was trying to make sure to use it for something I would love.


You see the problem, don't you? I didn't take into account that I was using a directional print, and that's where a one piece pattern like the Akita isn't ideal. So all my lovely landscapes are upside down. Bummer! Oh well, I think I still might wear it. I wonder if people will notice? I did manage to salvage the last bit of that fabric and made a shoe bag for traveling, so I still have a lovely reminder of Tahoe whenever I take a trip...hopefully to Tahoe. :) Thanks so much for reading. Cheers!


  1. I love that colour! And the length with the side slit is sassy. Nice work!
    For your Tahoe top, I wonder if you could save it by cutting off the back and attaching a contrast solid back? Then the front would still be awesome and you could call it a trendy design feature! (Though, really, with a cardigan you can wear it as is!)

  2. I actually love both of them so much!!!! Maybe just go with it? Of course if you are too uncomfortable it won't necessarily work but it's cute!

  3. Thanks to both of you for your comments! I think I will try to disassemble the Tahoe top and somehow combine it with a scrap of dark blue rayon that I have. The print might actually look better if it's broken up.