Sunday, November 22, 2015

Undie Upcycle


Hello! Hope you're having a fantastic weekend. It seems that I fell into another rabbit hole this weekend. I decided that before I started my sheer Hot Patterns Acqualina top I should practice a bit with more delicate fabrics. I started working on a couple of camisoles (to be blogged) but wasn't able to get the fit quite right. When I ran out of suitable fabric for a camisole, I turned to underwear. There's something about this time of year that makes me yearn for more soft and luxurious things. Since I didn't have any lingerie materials (e.g. stretch lace, silk, ribbon), I turned to my stash of old, Goodwill-bound clothes and, of course, my scraps.


So I cut up this old Banana Republic top and used the lace and the undershirt. I also used some scraps from this gorgeous rayon that I bought in January. The rayon became a Sutton blouse (unblogged).

Using my last scrap of this beautiful rayon😍 #imakemyunderwear #sewing #fabricfiend #britex

The pattern is Ohhh Lulu Grace Panties. Her patterns (and pictures) are soooo pretty. My recent underwear makes have been more utilitarian and less pretty, so it was fun to play around with the lace. Totally botched the elastic...on both pairs dammit..., but they're still wearable. I'd rather move on and make another pair and keep practicing than pick stitches on something so small. I've made this pattern before, but haven't really talked about it in detail.


Just a few notes:
  • This pattern calls for a mix of stretch and woven. I wish there was more info out there about working with knits and wovens together. I'm never sure what kind of knits work best (maybe more stable?). Also, do you use a jersey needle or a standard? Do you have to switch back and forth?
  • I like the first pair better, mainly because I don't like how the serging looks on the pair with the print. I strayed from the instructions a bit. They say to finish the leg openings and then turn and stitch with a double needle. Maybe I should have done that instead of a zig zag. Clearly I need more practice cuz my zig zag stitching is pretty wonky. 
  • Note to self: stitch foldover elastic wrong side first and then foldover to right side. 
  • I used french seams to combine the lace and knit panels. Hope that works out with the mix of fabrics. The fit on these is not super stretchy or tight. In fact, not ideal with leggings. 
I will indeed be making more underwear (although I'll probably mix it up with some different patterns) because I am on a scrap/stash busting mission. Gotta make room for the Christmas tree. Thanks for reading and have a fantastic week. Cheers! 

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