Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Cute, Useful, Reusable, Sustainable


Hey there! Hope all is well with everyone. We are getting down to the wire with Christmas preparations here. I hope that if you celebrate Christmas, you are able to enjoy time with your loved ones and are not feeling stressed. We don't really need lots of stuff and everything doesn't have to look perfect, imo. For me it's about relaxing and reflection. Oh, and getting to make stuff! :)

My blog title comes from my husband's niece. I drew her name for the secret Santa gift exchange, and in my husband's family what everyone does is write down the things they would like to receive.  She asked for loose tea and "cute, useful, reusable, sustainable items." I'm really glad I drew her name because she happens to be pretty terrific. She's a recent college grad from UC Davis with a degree in Urban Planning. She also studied Japanese and is a Taiko drummer, so I hope she likes these napkins I made from scraps of linen and Japanese cotton. I also got her a cute tea strainer and some tins of loose tea.

Husband's niece (adult) asked for something "useful, sustainable, and cute." I hope she likes the dinner napkins made from my scraps! #cutejapanesefabric #linen

For the Japanese bunny fabric, I took apart one of my early sewing attempts. It was before I learned that quilting cotton isn't ideal for garment sewing and before I learned how to do FBAs.  The napkins are double sided, which is my favorite way to make them since there's no need to miter the corners and they tend to feel a little more substantial.  Sew right sides together; leave two inches to turn; topstitch around the entire perimeter. Bam. Done. I had to patch together some pieces in the interest of sustainability, but I think they still turned out pretty cute.

In other news, I finished my Clare coat! Here's an instagram pic. I think it deserves its own post, but it's been raining cats and dogs in SF, so picture taking hasn't happened yet. I'll post details along with more pictures very soon, though. Hey, have yourself a very merry Christmas. Be happy and healthy and have a great time. Cheers!

Finished my #clarecoat ! Hope to get some pictures before the rain.

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