Monday, January 25, 2016

HP Fast and Fab La Strada plus another Oslo


Hello Hello! Hope you had a great weekend. Beej and I celebrated his birthday (no, I didn't make him shirt), so that meant lots of delicious food, relaxing, and a visit to the Legion of Honor. I also finished the Hot Patterns Fast and Fabulous La Strada Tee. (Whew! HP pattern names are so long aren't they?) Anyway, it's been cut out and interfaced since mid December, but I only got around to sewing it up this weekend. I even made a test version. See below:


I also made another Oslo cardigan this week. They're practically instant gratification.


For the HP La Strada I made a size 20. I now wish I'd made it smaller - especially when I see these pics. Oh well, at least it will be comfortable. I probably will only wear it with a cardigan anyway.  I didn't find very many La Strada tees out and about; however, I did find this super helpful review on Denver Sews.



Here are the details for the La Strada Tee:
  • As I mentioned, I made a size 20 but there is an awful lot of ease. I'll size down next time. (Funny, I didn't notice the ease so much with my test version.)
  • I eliminated the high-low hem altogether. If you decide to keep it, be warned that the back hem falls very low. I didn't like how my test version hung below my jackets/cardigans. Of course, I'm only 5'2",  so that's something to consider.
  • Side seam markings (for where the side seam ends and the sleeve begins) are quite low. Initially, I assumed I had mismarked the front and back pieces, but then I read a couple of other reviews that said the same thing. I moved the marks up 2" so that my bra wouldn't show. Next time, I'll go up 2.5". 
  • Construction: You can sew this up just like a woven because of all the positive ease. There is an interfaced neckline facing. If you follow the techniques, it makes for a really nice turned neckline. Next time I would go lower on the v-neck as this is about an inch too high. As a result, the bottom of the facing hits my bra and bubbles a little. I watched this very helpful video for the neckline construction.
  • I tacked the bottom of the facing to the center front seam allowance to help keep it in place. The facing stays put pretty well because it is sewn into the front of the yoke seam. 
  • Fabric is a really nice ponte from Britex that I purchased ages ago. Unfortunately, I don't remember the details. It feels fantastic, though. 
  • I didn't even use a double needle for the hem/sleeves. Just serged the edge and used some wonder tape to stabilize it. I stitched it down at 3.0. 
Just a few details for the Oslo cardigan since I've made it before:
  • Size: XL
  • Fabric: Sweater knit from Joann (same impulse purchase as the linen for my Roscoe dress). Sweater knits are so fun because they yield such impressive results from very simple patterns. 
  • Hem is hand stitched again. It doesn't take long, and I think it looks so nice because the stitches don't show in a textured knit fabric. 
  • I added 5.5" length to the shawl collar because it came up short last time. I tossed out the assembled pattern and will start fresh next time so that I don't have anymore weirdness with shawl. 
  • I didn't have enough fabric for a full sleeve, so I cut it short and wide and then added an extra wide cuff. I like the way this turned out.
Finally, here's an IG pic to prove that I do go outside sometimes. Have a great week and thanks so much for reading!

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  1. Cute tops! I was thinking the same thing about Hot Patterns pattern names- soooo long and complicated!

  2. Looks great. Like the neckline and gathers even if it's a little big!

  3. I really like the shoulder seam detail on the tee. Very pretty.

    1. Thanks, Rhonda! It's a good opportunity for me to practice sewing gathers.

  4. I think the drape on the La Strada looks really nice!