Monday, January 11, 2016

Mystery Fabric

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Hello there! Hope you had a fab weekend. It's been a bit gloomy here, but it is mid-January so whatcha gonna do. I'm sitting here listening to David Bowie, after hearing of his passing late last night. So sad, but what a life. What a major creative force.

So while I'm listening, I thought I'd share what I made this weekend and some thoughts on fiber content. This is the Greenstyle Laurel Tunic. I've made it twice before, and you can read about it here and here. It's a very quick make, but now that I have the sizing customized for me (xl on the side seams, l for the rest) it's even faster. One thing about the instructions that I forgot to mention in earlier posts is that the instructions say to sew sleeves in the round, but there's no reason (that I can tell) to do that, so if you're more comfortable sewing sleeves in flat, I would say go for it. That's what I did and haven't encountered any issues. Here's me enthusiastically modeling my new tunic.



But enough about my exuberant self, I want to talk about fabric - particularly this knit, resist dye, mystery fabric that I'm kind of obsessed with. I love shopping at Fabric Outlet, but the only downside is that you don't always get a lot of information about fiber content. The upside is that there is no scary sticker shock when I'm pawing through the knits, which reminds me of a story: The last time I was in Britex, I overheard one of the cashiers informing her customer that his total was over a thousand dollars. He was incredulous and sure that there was some sort of mistake, as he was only purchasing two yards of fabric. Turns out that the fabric he thought was $49.95 was $495.00 per yard! Yikes! Okay back to MY not-so-expensive fabric...


This fabric has a really nice drape, and there is definitely spandex in it, but I was curious about whether it was rayon or polyester (or maybe both) so for fun and my own edification I decided to do a burn test. Have you ever done one? I used the Threads chart and instructions. I can't say that I reached any definite conclusions, so I suspect it's a blend of rayon and polyester - that and the price point (8.99 per yard). Based on the following, though,  I think it may contain a larger percentage of rayon:
  • Cool to the touch
  • Looks the same on both sides (not sure if that means rayon, but it is a quality of this fabric)
  • Smells like burning paper when lit
  • Ignites quickly
  • Continues to burn rapidly; has no afterglow
  • Light and feathery gray ash - also soft and sticky (that's the spandex part)
Do you know of any other ways to identify fiber content? Are there any other visual clues? By the way, Fabric Outlet will do a burn test for customers; I just didn't think to ask when I was there.

Scraps #imakemyunderwear #sewingclothes #sewinglingerie #secretsofsewinglingerie

I used my scraps to make a pair of undies, using the Secrets of Sewing Lingerie pattern. Sometimes it's nice to be able to use up my scraps right away. Having too many bits of fabric laying around can feel burdensome. Plus, machines are already set up with the appropriate needles and why not?

That's all I've got. Thanks for reading and have a fantastic week. Cheers!


  1. I love the idea of making panties with the scraps - why didn't I think of that?? The tunic looks great, and you look really comfortable wearing it.

  2. Love the tunic and the bloomies. Great drape in the tunic.

    1. Thanks, Robin! I thought the fabric was a good find.

  3. Very cool fabric & it looks great as a tunic! Love to make undies out of scraps of rayon knit. So sad that I had none left over from my last project!

    1. Thanks, Noelle! Your first maternity dress turned out great!

  4. Love the print - it translates so well to the tunic! Great idea for the underwear - I'll have to remember that.

    1. Thanks, Jeska! Wearing underwear that matches my outfit puts a spring in my step. ;)

  5. Love the fabric and the fit of the shirt. Now I have to have that pattern!