Sunday, June 12, 2016

Marilla Walker Roberts Collection: Dungarees


Hey there! Hope you're having (or had) a relaxing weekend. I just woke up from a little siesta on the couch and am feeling pretty refreshed. I was wearing my new Marilla Walker dungarees - i.e., the height of comfort - so it was easy to fall asleep. It's always a good sign when the thing you're making is the thing you want to put on immediately and never take off. I want to LIVE in these!

I remember liking the Roberts collection when it came out but resisted it for the very silly reason that I felt like I was too old to wear overalls. You see, dungarees and I have a history. Put me in some Doc Martins and a black body suit and I am back in my 90s heyday. Whoo hoo! I can hear the Nirvana playing and the crack of the billiard balls, smell the beer...and, ahem, other substances.


...Of course, the 90s were quite some time ago. But what I like about this pattern is that there are some decidedly modern elements that weren't in the pair I lived in all those years ago. I love the minimalistic details, the super skinny straps, and the tapered back. I also love that it's not in a stiff denim, but rather a fluid Robert Kaufman Brussels Washer linen in navy blue.  The other thing I like about this pattern collection is ALL the variations. I love the little overall dress and, of course, the top. I even like the jumpsuit, although I'm not sure if I have the confidence to pull it off. That's a lot of variety in one collection.


I used 5/8" heavy duty snaps (or poppers) for the straps and for the side flap. Sewed the flap on the wrong side. D'oh! It's the kind of the thing you would notice after the 10th trip to the ladies room. Fortunately, though, I really just need to unsnap one of my straps. I ended up inserting the snaps the wrong way, sigh, more than once. It's a huge pain in the ass to remove a set snap. So when I made the same mistake again on the strap I decided I could live with it. It really only bugs me when I see a picture of the back view.


Both straps are twisted in this picture, but that's on account of sloppy dressing, not faulty snap setting. The construction is pretty simple. I made a 7 (second to the largest size) and shortened the space between the waist (?) and crotch  by one inch and the legs by two inches. At first I was rushing to finish by Tuesday so I could wear them to a work event -- a team-building night that involved bowling. Many seams were sewn incorrectly and then ripped out because of my rush. Then I started thinking about all the possible wardrobe malfunctions that could occur while bending, stretching, swinging a bowling ball, etc., in a newly and hastily sewn garment and decided to slow down.


I'll leave you with a picture of me and my buddy Eva. We're not perfectly matched body-wise  as she has a flatter stomach and far fewer lumps and bumps, but at least I have a better butt. :)

Have a lovely week! Thanks so much for reading.


  1. Haha! So glad to hear that Im not the only one who does wierd and wonderful things when sewing-for me its normally when I am sewing and I am so tired that I should be going to the dungarees!

    1. Thanks, Marike! I've often thought there should be a timer on my sewing machine that tells me I've been sewing too long and should go to bed. :)

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