Tuesday, July 12, 2016

All Blue All the Time

The Mandy boat neck by Tessuti was meant for stripes. Super soft bamboo rayon knit from blackbird fabrics. ❤️❤️#tessutifabrics #blackbirdfabrics

Hello! Hope all is well. Just popping onto the blog to share a couple of tops and my current fabric obsession. So the above pic is yet another Tessuti Mandy Boat Neck in a super awesome bamboo rayon from Blackbird Fabrics. I've always liked wearing blue, but lately it seems that all I ever want to wear are variations of black, blue, and white. All the time. It's actually really great having such a limited color palette. I'm dressed in no time. Funny, I spend so much time thinking and planning the making part of clothes in an effort to speed up the dressing part.

I'm super excited about all four of the rayon bamboo knits I purchased from Blackbird, but the stripes are definitely my favorite. The shipping was quite fast, and while I paid extra for shipping from Canada, I really felt it was worth it because the fabric is gorgeous and probably would have cost even more at Britex. (At least that's how it was when I compared prices for my Shibori knit.)

Simple sewing on a Sunday morning #sibilance #marillawalker #robertscollection #sewing #sewingbloggers #cottonandsteelfabric #rayon

This second top is from the Marilla Walker Roberts Collection.  I knew I would have to try it, although, honestly, I didn't have high expectations because it's so simple. Also, an oversized pullover v-neck always looks a bit like hospital scrubs. So I used this Cotton and Steel rayon, which I sort of regretted buying on a whim during a sale. The fabric feels great, but I'm really into darker blues right now. The color's just not floating my boat. I thought it would be good for a wearable muslin, though, and I think with a few tiny tweaks this pattern might be a TNT for me.


I was imprecise in sewing my shoulder seam. Well, actually, lazy to be honest. The pattern calls for a 1.5 cm for plain seams, but since I was sewing french seams, I just sewed half inch (i.e., two quarter inch seams) because it was easier. That extra bit of seam allowance would bring it up and fit the neck/shoulders a little better. As it is, it fits pretty well, but I'm making note for next time when I make it with fabric I really like. I also shortened the bodice about an inch, which I maybe don't need to do. It's a petite adjustment, and with some patterns it's been a good adjustment for me, but I'm more of a short-legged short person rather than an overall petite.

The top is very similar to the True Bias Sutton, which I've made several times and is a TNT for me. It's actually nice, though, to have both patterns because there are some important distinctions:
  • True Bias Sutton:
    •  Sharp front V-neck is achieved by two front bodice pieces sewn together.
    • Yoke/back pleat detailing (my favorite part!)
    • A bit more of an a-line shape makes it a little more swingy
    • Neck binding as opposed to a facing
  • Marilla Walker Roberts Top:
    • Can cut front on the fold and therefore feature a bold/large scale print
    • Can use the button placket from the jumpsuit to make a button up (or faux button up) to break up large expanse of fabric and get away from scrubs look. 
    • Cool triangle seaming in back 
    • Very hackable - can see tunics, button-ups, shirt dresses, etc. Simply poke around What Katie Sews and you will find much Roberts hacking inspiration.
Next up: Vacation Sewing! I'm thinking the dungaree dress would be a perfect vacation dress. Hope you're enjoying your summer and thanks very much for reading!

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