Sunday, July 31, 2016

Dungaree Dress

Just enough linen left over for two dinner napkins. Perfect. #marillawalker #dungareedresses #sewing #linenisawesome #scrapbusting

Hello! Hope you're having a fab weekend. So as you can see, I'm not yet finished with Marilla Walker's Roberts Collection. And there's a whole jumpsuit to make as the hacks. OMG, I could spend the rest of the year sewing Roberts hacks and Mandy boat necks and be happy as a clam. I'd certainly be very comfortable.

Okay, so after that giant rave, why no picture of me modeling my dungaree dress? Honestly, it looks better on Eva than me. Yeah, I'm dissatisfied with how I look in it. My husband thinks it's cute but that the color doesn't really do anything for me. He may have a point. But also...I wish the skirt had gathers or box pleats or something to give it a little swish. Instead, it feels a bit stiff like a bbq apron. So if I try making it again, which I may, I think I'll try to hack the skirt and also choose navy blue or black fabric. I will say, though, that it kept me very cool when I went up to the Sacramento delta last weekend. I have very few warm weather clothes; this will be nice to have for those rare hot days.


Some sewing deets:
  • I went down a size (to a six) so it wouldn't be too oversized. (It was still pretty oversized.)
  • Since this is a dress, there are no bathroom issues and therefore closures aren't really necessary. I didn't have snaps or buttons in the color I wanted, so I just left them off and sewed the flap closed and the straps down. 
  • Fabric is a beige linen purchased Fabric Outlet during one of their 40% off sales. They were earmarked for a pair of Tessuti demi pants. Maybe that would have been a better use of the fabric... Digression: I really dig the Tessuti look and the easy, no-fuss style. It's more mature than I'm used to, but probably also more appropriate for me.  

Bonus! I had just enough linen leftover to make a pair of dinner napkins.  Probably want to make sure the blue pattern is facing up if I'm wearing my dungaree dress and have one of these napkins in my lap.

Well that's it for me. Thanks so much for reading and have a happy week!

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