Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Charlie Caftan: This Was Not the Plan

Hello and Happy Hump Day! So I wasn't going to blog this Charlie Caftan for a couple reasons: First, I ended up being kind of meh about this project. It's cute but not really something I'm clamoring to wear. And second, I felt a little like a lemming for purchasing this pattern. It's well documented here at the Duckndam that I love Closet Case Patterns. I've made a ton of Ebony tops, proudly wore my Claire coat all last winter, and, of course, I showed you my Kalle shirt last week, which is one my happiest recent makes. But I guess caftans don't really fit my lifestyle and personal style. I just got caught up in seeing so many lovely caftans and wanted to play along.

So, yeah, why bother blogging about something that is probably going to end up as a pair of dinner napkins? Well, I ended having a caftan-appropriate place to wear it. Beej and I went to Lake Tahoe last weekend to celebrate both my birthday and our 9th wedding anniversary. It was handy to have a cool, airy dress to wear while walking around.

It looks pretty good from the front, with the inset panel providing the optical illusion of a smaller waist. It doesn't look very good from the side, though. Partly, I think, because my fabric is a bit stiff and sits too far away from my body. It's actually an interesting fabric--double sided linen with solid navy on the other side, which is the side I used for the inset panel. It's very similar to a double gauze with a very loose weave. So loose, in fact, that I ended up snagging it on a wooden chair. But like I said, this will probably be a set of napkins by the end of the summer, so I'm not too heartbroken. I did enjoy sewing the inset panel because it was an interesting construction. Be warned, there's hand sewing involved. I made the largest size (I think) and shortened it by a few inches. 

In other news, Beej gave me ceramics classes for our anniversary and a Britex gift certificate for my birthday. It makes me so happy to have creative endeavors to look forward to, and I love that he encourages that part of me. After our walk on Sunday, I was so happy and content to have the afternoon to draw in my journal and let my mind wander while feeling inspired by the beautiful mountains and trees around me. 

I have a backlog of projects to blog right now, so hopefully I'll be able to share some more makes soon. I hope you're able to find time doing something that puts you in your happy place. Thank you for reading and have a lovely week. 

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