Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Battle of the Granny Pants

Hello! Hope you're having a fab weekend. In an effort to prepare for winter, also known as tights-wearing season, I've sewn up a couple of high waisted undies. Since my heyday was in the '90s, it's taken me a while to come around to high waisted underwear. I tend to think of them as granny pants. But, you know, I've finally come around. They're the best underwear to wear under tights for a smooth line, and they're actually really pretty and feminine--even if the size makes me giggle. It's a mystery to me how something so enormous can also be so adorable.

I already have the Ohhh Lulu Ava pattern and I love it, but since I recently discovered Evie La Luve and she offers a free high-waisted undie pattern (Maxine), I thought it would be fun to compare and contrast.

As you can see, the Ava has a rounder, more vintage, curvy look, while Maxine has straighter lines and a higher leg. Both are equally comfortable and patterns are in similar size ranges. They also both have terrific tutorials on youtube. Here's a link to Sarah Norwood of Ohhh Lulu's full tutorial for the Ava pants. Not only do I love her technique for sewing the foldover elastic (i.e., not sewing in the round), but notice how she clips her crotch curves by folding in half. Because she sews lingerie all day, she's come up with some really great shortcuts and tips. Evie La Luve has some great tips as well. Her video for sewing encased crotch seams is so clear and easy and can be applied to so many other patterns.

Overall, my preference is for Ava, but I think the Maxine pattern is cute, too. With the high legs, this pattern would look great underneath a body suit. Also, it's free, so why wouldn't you want to try it? The patterns are different enough that there's room for both in your collection, I think. Just a few details to note:
  • Size for both was largest (extra large) with 43" hip. 
  • I'm never sure about the height and length of my zigzag stitch, but after experimenting quite a bit, I think I like 3.5/2.5 best. 
  • My serger blade is getting dull, so instead of serging through elastic (or paying for a new blade), I think I'll start sewing up my side seams with a stretch stitch. As an added bonus, I'll have more control that way.
  • Fabric for Ava was a soft, stretchy knit from Fabric Outlet. I usually use scraps for making underwear, but lately I've been exploring my ultra-feminine, lingerie-addict side with florals and lace, so I bought a half yard of a knit I would never wear as a tee shirt or dress. Had enough leftover to make a pair of Frankie pants (see bottom pic), by Evie La Luve. 
  • Fabric for Maxine was an old Anthro top. I keep a dresser with old, ill-fitting clothes made from interesting fabrics for just such an occasion. I love how the placement turned out and the slightly hippy-dippy look. They're my Brady Bunch granny pants.

Well, that's all I can think to say about my new underpants. Thanks so much for reading my blog and have a fantastic week!

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