Monday, December 25, 2017

My Last Makes of 2017...Maybe

Hello and a very merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it and a fond hello to those who do not. I'm feeling super content in my comfiest clothes, sipping champagne and nibbling on cornichons and cheese. It gets better: Beej is making dinner tonight (his famous roast chicken with spuds and carrots). I'm only contributing one dish--an artichoke gratin--which means I have time for a quick blog post (and maybe I'll even cut out a new project).

First off is this here Ebony by Closet Case patterns in a melange viscose jersey from Blackbird Fabrics. It's no longer available, I'm afraid; I bought it back in August, and her fabrics sell out pretty quickly. (ETA: Just saw this fabric at Britex (in store not online) for $18.99 per yard.) I've been wanting to sew it up for months, but I'm glad I waited because wearing it for Christmas Eve dinner at my inlaws felt special and the fabric seems almost kind of Christmas-ey. And since, amazingly, I didn't spill red wine on it, I'm wearing it again today. It's a Christmas miracle!

I've made this pattern a few times before (here and here), and it took me a while to work out my preferred proportions. I finally found my sweet spot with an unblogged version in black tencel T-shirt knit from Blackbird. (If they ever stock that T-shirt knit again, I may have to clean them out. It's that awesome.) Here are the details so that I remember for future Ebonys.

  • Size 18, jewel neckline, 3/4 sleeves.
  • Extended length 7 inches from crop top length 
  • Finally got around to making a 1/2 inch narrow shoulder adjustment 
  • I like this length; it's not too long/not too short in the front to expose me (when it billows up with a gust of wind) yet it still covers my butt in the back. 
Finally, a Thread Theory Finlayson sweatshirt for Beej. 

I think he's channeling Luke Skywalker here, albeit less intense.  My sweet Jedi!

I tried to make this hoodie a bit special by using some double faced merino purchased at Thread Theory. They've sold out of the gray/black but still have red/black. The merino side is wonderfully soft, and the polyester side makes it very stable and strong. It was a joy to work with. Since Beej seems really happy with it, I've already promised to make him another and even ordered some black merino swatches from The Fabric Store this morning. The plan is to make a black version with orange hood lining to wear to SF Giants games. Here are the deets:

  • Size large, grading to an extra large from where the belly starts to the bottom of the shirt. This modification means remembering to cut the bottom band as XL instead of L. 
  • Next time, shorten the sleeves by 1 inch. 
  • The pattern comes with two different size cuffs to account for variation in fabric stretch. I used the larger cuff (the smaller version was too small), but I think he would prefer the cuff to be a bit more fitted. I'll have to experiment and try to find a happy medium for the next version. 
  • I messed up on the corner of the front neckline where it meets the hood. It makes me a little nuts when I look at, so I try not to. I ripped out some stitches where it gathered a bit and resewed, which makes it look a little better, but I can't really see what else to do to fix it. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to bother Beej, so I guess I'll just remember to be careful when sewing the front part for the next version. 
Well, that's all for me. I hope you're having a lovely and peaceful day today. I'm looking forward to posting my Top Five Hits and Misses next week, along with some end-of-year reflection. Cheers!


  1. I like you tee -- I love your Christmas miracle of not spilling any wine! That cracks me up.

    Was the Thread Theory hoodie a difficult sew?

    1. Thanks, Annie! White tops do not last long in my wardrobe. :) I thought the hoodie was easy except for sewing around the front part where the two fronts of the hood cross over. For me, at least, everything gets kind of lost and I felt like I was sewing with my eyes closed. However, I sewed it and then ran it through my serger for a cleaner finish, and that might be where things got confusing. I'm just going to be a little more careful next time and we'll see.
      Have a very happy New Year!