Thursday, December 7, 2017

Viva Toaster 2!

Hello and Happy Holidays! I love this time of year, but man is it hectic. I hope you're finding time to enjoy hanging with loved ones amid the holiday rush-rush. Speaking of rush-rush, this is just a quickie to share a (coincidentally) quick-to-make pattern.

So I made a fun little Toaster 2 by Sew House Seven, a pattern company I've been dying to try. I love their vibe. Chic but also so very wearable for us ordinary humans. Since this is a new-to-me pattern company, I bought an inexpensive ponte from Fabric Outlet as a wearable muslin. (I really don't know how else to experiment with new knit patterns except for trying with inexpensive fabric first.) The thing is, I really dig this olive green color. It goes so well with all my clothes but isn't as boring to sew as solid black.

The style of the Toaster 2, along with this fab color, feels very mod to me. It's an aesthetic that I'm really drawn to because it reminds me of growing up in in the 80s and being in love with all things mod. Now, here's where I have to warn you that my modeling pics are pretty much useless. I was going on and on to Beej about how I thought the cut was very mod and cool, and he offhandedly commented, "It's super cute; you look like Ann Margaret in Viva Las Vegas." See below.

Don't worry, I'm not delusional. I fully realize that I do not look like a twenty-something ingenue. Having said that, if you ever meet a person who looks at you in that light and makes you feel that beautiful, hold that person tight and don't ever let go.

Anyway, in my modeling poses I did a bunch of silly dance moves in the spirit of Viva Las Vegas. They don't give you the best idea of fit, etc., but please know that I had a lot of fun.

The deets:

  • Size XXL. Despite following the measurements chart, there is tons of ease. I wanted a loose fit, but I think I can achieve that (even without an FBA) if I size down to XL. Also, this would help with the broad shoulders, although I could also do a narrow shoulder adjustment.
  • The sleeves are very long, like orangutan long. Of course, I've got T-rex arms, so maybe some folks fall happily in the middle. (Note, I'm only 5'2") I shortened the arms by 4"
  • Almost every review I've read mentioned that the bodice is a bit too short. I lengthened the front by 1 and 1/8 inch as a precaution. I liked the resulting front length, but next time I would lengthen a bit more to match the back--i.e., not have it be high/low. The difference now is so slight; it should be the same or markedly different so as not to look like a mistake. 
  • The cheap olive ponte I raved about is a good weight for this pattern. If I remember correctly, cost was around $10 or $12 a yard. I bought 2 yards and easily had enough fabric because it was 60" wide.
  • As many bloggers have noted, this comes together VERY quickly. The mock turtle is fun and quite easy to construct; the side split turns out nice and crisp. I used my sewing machine for the whole thing because I was working with a stable ponte and the split hem and mock turtle need a bit more finesse than I'm can achieve with my serger. 
  • Overall, a cracker of a pattern. I can see why it's so popular. 
Now for the show. Feel free to hum along.

Thank you for reading and have a fantastic week!


  1. very cute top! I like tops that cover my butt. Do you think this top would be okay lengthened that much?

    1. Thanks, Diane! A toaster tunic? Hmm, that's a really intriguing idea. I think if you kept the split hem, which helps to break things up visually, it could totally work.