Saturday, January 6, 2018

My Make 9 and a Sneaky Sutton

Hello and Happy New Year! I hope your year is off to a good start. Beej and I spent New Year's day feasting on Japanese food and watching The Last Jedi. It's kind of our New Year's day tradition to hang out in Japantown and see a movie. 

In my last post I did say that I might make another garment. I wasn't really planning to, but then we got invited to a New Year's Eve gathering. Normally, I love staying home curled up on the couch, but I'm glad I made it out for a night with good friends, a French-themed menu, and a lovely view of the city. Seriously, I wish my shitty phone snap could accurately convey the amazing view. 

So since I unexpectedly had a party to go to, I had to make something, right? Around the same time, a package from Blackbird Fabrics arrived with a really beautiful painted silk/viscose. I had been deliberately resisting Blackbird (I have $300 in Britex gift certificates to spend thanks to my husband and bosses), but when I saw a geometric pattern in my favorite blue/black combo I had to go for it. 

Fortunately, Blackbird has been stocking a lot of florals, which aren't my thing, so I'm safe for a while. Whew!

So short story, with limited time (day before party) I made a TNT Sutton turned out smaller than my last version which still fits me. I think I might have goofed on the french seams at the sides and possibly the center and sewed 1/2 " for both passes instead of 1/4". D'oh! The good news is that the Sutton has loads of ease. It will make a nice shell underneath cardis in this size, and I enjoyed wearing it with jeans and these amazing Rachel Comey platforms that I never wear because they're ridiculously high but also ridiculously awesome. 
Other deets:
  • Size 18
  • Shortened by 1.5" at "shorten here" line
  • Lengthened bottom by 2" to eliminate high/low hem
  • Side split was 3.5", but I'd like to go higher next time for more drama. 
  • Elephant in the room: pattern match fail in the center but, fortunately, I'm not too bothered by it.
  • I strayed from the instructions and french seamed the sides, using this tutorial from Cashmerette for split hems with french seams. Hot tip: I used tweezers to roll the silky fabric. 
I felt great wearing it, a bit like Bruno Mars talking about his silk shirts in Carpool Karaoke, "You don't want this on your skin?" Oh yeah, Bruno, I do.  Which brings me to the second bit I want to blog about—elevating my inspiration with luxurious fabrics and my make 9. It's a little out of order to think about this before doing my top five, but it's been on my mind for a while now. 

When I first started sewing about three and a half years ago, I wanted to make cute, Anthropologie-esque tops that would fit over my boobs. After some serious wadders, questionable fabric choices, and also some great skill-building projects, I'm happy to say that I've achieved that goal. As a matter of fact, for Christmas I received an Anthro gift card and as I walked around the store, I kept thinking, "I could totally make that." So since I've finally achieved my initial sewing goal, I want to focus 2018 on taking it to the next level by elevating my inspiration. Looking carefully at sillouettes that compliment my shape, creating garments that fit my lifestyle, and choosing the best fabric I can afford, I hope to elevate my sewing instead of following every sewing trend.  In an effort to sharpen my focus I made a little moodboard of simple elegant shapes that I'm drawn to. 
I'm not so much focusing on designer or even expensive garments—it's more of a vibe I'm going for. Simple shapes, luxe fabrics, garments that make me feel happy and comfortable in my own skin.

Okay, I know this is a long-ass post, so I'll get to my make 9 now, which I'm only tentatively committing to since there will invariably be distractions throughout the year. I feel that this is a good mix of skill building patterns and TNTs that match my lifestyle and wardrobe needs. 

  1. Closet Case Patterns Kelly Anorak. I already own the Papercut Patterns Waver Jacket, which is quite similar, so I felt guilty about purchasing this. I got around this by putting it on my Christmas list. Heh, heh. 
  2. Closet Case Patterns Caroline PJs. Another Christmas gift from my sweet, sweet hubby. I want to play with piping. 
  3. Cashmerette Appleton Top. I love how this wrap top looks and already have the pattern and free extension pack. I'll have to decide my ease preference and choose my fabric carefully since I don't like things clinging to my bust and middle area, but I think it's a good body image exercise for me. Next step, exposing my arms. 
  4. Chalk and Notch Fringe Dress. I already have the fabric picked out—teal rayon with flamingos. 
  5. Sew House Seven Toaster 2. In a white/gray french terry...maybe even this weekend. 
  6. Deer and Doe Luzerne Trench. Yes, another coat. A trench would be great over my work clothes, while the anorak is more casual. Also, it's adorable!
  7. Chalk and Notch Fringe Top. Yes, another one. 
  8. True Bias Sutton Blouse. My fave.
  9. Closet Case Patterns Kalle Blouse. This time in black crepe with sleeves. I'm going to eliminate the high/low for this one. 
Whew! If you made it this far, you deserve a medal. I plan to post my top five in a couple of days so I can continue the reflecting and planning. Thanks so much for reading and happy sewing in 2018!

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