Monday, March 26, 2018

Viva Gigantes! Viva Thread Theory!

Hello! Happy spring! Of course, around these parts spring means baseball season--one of the few sports I can actually get behind. Since Beej liked the Thread Theory Finlayson I made for him for Christmas, I eagerly promised to make another one, telling him I would have it for him before opening day. (I definitely work better with a deadline.) I needn't have worried about making my deadline; everything comes together so much faster the second time around. In fact, I wasn't going to blog this since it's a repeat, but I do have a few notes to record. Also, look at that cute furry face. I had to share.

Like my last version, which you can see here, I made a size large, grading out to an extra large in the tummy area. This time, though, I shortened the arms by 1.5 inches and used the regular sized cuffs instead of the alternate cuff, which is designed for fabrics with very, very little stretch. 

I had it cut and about one third assembled on Saturday, attaching the hood, sleeves, and cuffs on Sunday morning. It was so little effort on my part compared to how happy it makes him! He has barely taken it off since I snipped the last thread. I lined the hood in a fabulous orange sweatshirt material from Britex that is wonderfully soft. It's as close as I could find to a true San Francisco Giants orange. The black is the softest, loveliest merino/polyester sweatshirting from the Fabric Store. It's like a french terry in that it has loops on the wrong side--around $19 per meter. I started out on the Los Angeles store's website, so I was a bit surprised when my fabric arrived from New Zealand. I guess that's where they fulfill orders. I probably will limit my future Fabric Store merino purchases to in-store whenever Beej and I do a weekend in L.A., though, just to try to be a bit more eco-conscious. No regrets, though, because the quality is amazing. Seriously, it's SO much more special than a regular cotton sweatshirt material. (And, of course, I also included some beautiful Marsala premium merino for myself, which served as a  little travel buddy.) 

I finally got around to ordering some labels from Dutch Label Shop. Had a very positive experience with them. When I updated my order, the system automatically defaulted to a larger quantity right as I was sending the order. I contacted them right away and they responded quickly and adjusted my order. No drama.

Last note, there are instructions to finish the back hood seem with twill tape. This picture serves as a reminder that it's always a good idea to keep a couple of yards of twill tape on hand for such occasions, as well as for reinforcing shoulder seams. It would look SO much better than that serged seam. Ah, well, next time...

Thanks so much for reading about my dude sewing. Admittedly, I don't do a lot of unselfish sewing, but maybe I should...I love to see Beej proudly wearing something I made for him!

Hope you're enjoying the changing of the seasons wherever you are! Have a fantastic week. (It's only Monday, pace yourself.)

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