Sunday, November 4, 2018

Fall/Winter Sewing Queue

Hello! Hope you're well on this beautiful November Day. It's Sunday morning, and I'm drinking tea and blogging from bed. Basically, my perfect Sunday morning! I have so many projects, and partially completed projects that I don't want to become UFOs, swirling around in my head, so I thought it would be helpful to take a few minutes to order all those plans. 

Obviously, I'm a bit tardy laying out my fall sewing plans, but the garments I plan to make--with the exception of the coat--are mostly simple and quick projects that will carry me though to March 2019 and beyond. I really like where my wardrobe is at right now and even stopped to admire my color palette when I was doing laundry yesterday. It's mostly black and white with some dark blue, terracotta, and some neutrals. It feels like me, which is something I've been striving for ever since I started sewing. I also don't like to put a big emphasis on output. If anything, I try to find ways to slow down my sewing with underwear making and other scrapbusters. But the list below includes things I think I will want to wear in the next few months, and it's helpful to plan things out a bit.

1.) Deer and Doe Opium Coat
For the past few years, I've loved wearing my CCP Clare Coat, but since it was my first coat and I'd used cheap wool, it's starting to look a bit tatty.  I've had good luck with Deer and Doe in the past, so the plan is to make a muslin this weekend with my usual DnD mods to check fit before cutting into this gorgeous wool.

  • Fabric: Herringbone Tweed from LaMercerie, 100% wool, deadstock. Lining: Bemberg Rayon in mist blue from Stonemountain, medium weight interfacing also purchased at Stonemountain.
  • Progress: PDF taped. Fabric Purchased. Gripe so far: The lining is nested in the coat, which means I have to trace it before cutting out the main pieces, which I find super annoying. Admittedly, if the lining were separate that would mean more pieces to tape and more paper waste; however, there are two kinds of people in the world: Tapers and Tracers. And I'm a taper. It kind of threw a wrench into my momentum as I now have to dig out my tracing paper.

2.) Seamwork Tacara Dress
When I first saw this on the reed-thin model, I didn't think it was for me, but I reconsidered when I saw how good it looked on some curvy ladies on Instagram. I can see something like this being nice for upcoming holiday events and comfy over leggings and tights.

  • Fabric: Diamond Viscose Jersey from La Mercerie, which is on sale and still available!
  • Progress: Pattern taped and cut out. I still have to make some short-person mods. Fabric pre-washed. 

3.) Cashmerette Montrose Top, View A
I purchased this the day it released because, duh, it's a basic with FBA included. I think it will be so wonderfully hackable once I get the fit perfected. Then I got distracted by the Seamwork Bo. I love my ikat Bo tops. They are in weekly rotation because I feel great wearing them, but as the weather cools I'm going to need a shell that works better underneath cardigans. I think the Montrose will fit the bill perfectly.

  • Fabric: Atelier Brunette Blue Moonstone
  • Progress: Pattern ready, fabric prewashed. I will probably cut this out on a weeknight when I'm feeling the need for a quick make. It looks pretty easy and straightforward.

4.) Deer and Doe Plantain Tee
It doesn't get more basic (and boring) than a gray tee shirt. Right now, it's hard to muster the enthusiasm, but this is actually a UFO I started before I went on vacation. I'm basically just waiting until I have grey thread on my serger.

  • Fabric: Gray Bamboo Jersey Knit from Blackbird Fabrics - I don't see the light gray on their website, but there is some in charcoal
  • Progress: Fabric already cut out and ready to sew up. I preferred the swing shape of the old Plantain (before the reboot), so I slashed and spread just a bit. Love the scoop neckline. 

5.) Wendy Ward Durwent Wide Leg Trousers (from her Sewing with Knits book)
This one is a bit of a wild card. I can see these pants being fantastically unflattering on my round-bellied bod, but I also picture ultra-comfy lounge pants that I can still wear outside without looking like a total slob. I didn't buy the book because I've purchased so many beginner sewing books over the years. They usually hit a lot of the same points--use a ball point needle; you don't need a serger, etc. Instead, I checked out the book from the library, after waiting on the hold list for months. When I finally got my hands on the book, I was pleasantly surprised that all the patterns were intact and I was able to trace off the pants and copy the instructions. (Cutting out patterns from library books is like school on Sundays--no class.)

  • Fabric: Moondust Double Knit with Pink Speckle from Blackbird
  • Progress: Pattern traced and cut out. Fabric prewashed. Need to add length to the legs.

My last couple of versions of the Tabor V-neck were a bit of a cop out--mainly because I was trying to save a botched project. I still want to learn how to make that lovely lapped view with the wide neckband properly. 
  • Fabric: Merino Knit Jersey in Marsala from the Fabric Store 
  • Progress: Pattern cut and fabric prewashed. This fabric was not cheap, so I'll have to go slowly and carefully. 
So there you are. I think after laying it all out, I'm ready to tackle my list and get to sewing. Anything on your sewing table these days?

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic week! Also, don't forget to vote Tuesday! 

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