Monday, February 18, 2019

CCP Carolyne Pajamas: Preliminary Notes

Hey there! I wish I had a complete pair of Closet Case Patterns Carolyne Pajamas to share with you today, but at least I have a wearable muslin for a future pair. Beej gave me the pattern for 2017 Christmas. I'm finally getting around to making the bottoms while also doing a little scrapbusting.  They're a nice replacement to my ratty, threadbare pairs.

Let's start with the fabric: I took this picture in the morning when the light was a little cooler, so the colors are not quite as lurid as it appears here, but it is still a lot brighter than the colors I usually gravitate towards. I bought this double gauze maybe 4-5 years ago when I hadn't yet figured out my preferred color palette. I used to attach little note cards to my fabric with the type, yardage, price, possible fabrics, and other notes. In my notes, I actually considered this for a blouse, which would be unthinkable now. I bought it at Fabric Outlet during one of their  50% sale. It ended up costing $4.44 per yard, and I purchased 2 yards. It's also reversible. I wish past me had bought more yardage because the CCP Carolyne Pajamas pattern is a major fabric hog. I barely eked out the pj bottoms with 2 yards and had to settle for very narrow cuffs. For a full set, you need about 5.5 yards, and I don't have 5+ yards of anything in my stash.

Moving on to the pattern. These are major lounging pjs. They have a much more fitted cut than your average pjs.  Hit just below the natural waist. Also... pockets. I love them.

  • Size 18 with the following adjustments:
  • 3" shortened at leg line
  • 1" shortened at hip line

I did zero pattern matching, which is, of course, obvious, although I kinda did luck out. I couldn't cut on the fold, and even had to cut one of the back legs on the cross grain. The best part was having only a small handful of teeny tiny scraps upon finishing... And also using up an old stash item to make something comfy and useful. I went for flat piping, and I definitely need more practice. It's pretty uneven.

I'm looking forward to making a full set with all the piping. I'll have to wait for the next Fabric Outlet sale to buy some more double gauze which, by the way, makes for REALLY soft pajamas.

Have a great week and thanks so much for reading!

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