Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Klum House Fremont Tote: A Review

Hello! Just a quick post to share my latest project.

Thanks to heavy hinting on my part, Beej gave me the Klum House Fremont Tote pattern for Christmas. Most reviews that I read suggested going with the finishing kit, which consists of rivets, D-rings, all the necessary leather straps, etc. At $60, the kit is not cheap, but it's nice to have all the necessary pieces match perfectly and they seem to be high quality. There are three different shades of straps and three types of hardware to choose from. My only gripe is that that the straps are only finished on one side and raw leather on the other side.

I opted to buy some duck canvas and wax it myself. In hindsight, I kind of wish I had just purchased waxed canvas. It was kind of fun to do and fairly easy to apply, but the weather has been really damp and, a week and a half later, it still hasn't fully cured. Someone on instagram suggested that I apply brown paper and a low iron to lift the excess wax. I'm going to give it a try.

Unfortunately, since I was such an eager beaver, I ended up gunking up my machine with the waxed fabric. I'm actually due for a cleaning anyway, though, so all good.

Here's a view of the inside. I love the look of the leather washers, which are supposed to strengthen the rivets. I used a large leftover scrap of this gorgeous loomed ikat from Blackbird Fabrics. I made a Seamwork Bo from this fabric as well, so I guess my top and bag will match. Fine by me!

The finishing kit comes with a cute little label.

Overall, this was very fun project. The pattern is easy to follow with very clear, well written instructions, and it comes together pretty quickly. I was nervous about cutting squares into the corners to box them because I couldn't visualize it, but when I just did exactly what the instructions said it made perfect sense.

Klum House released a new class on Blueprint with a full tutorial; however, between the finishing kit, the cost of the duck cloth and the $10 bar of wax, I was already in for close to $100. (Yes, I could have bought a bag for less or the same, but that's not why I make stuff.) I found that my experience making other bags and lined pouches combined with some excellent, already existing, free Klum House tutorials available online were enough to get me through. The zipper tutorial is especially good.

So that's all I can think of about this project. It's definitely a fun pattern that yields a high quality result. Thanks for reading and have an awesome week!

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