Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Sew Liberated Matcha Top

Hey there! Happy Hump Day! I've been wanting to blog my new Matcha top for a while and was waiting for better pictures. Unfortunately, that just never happened, and I didn't want it to go too long that I'd forget all my observations and fitting notes. It was important to get pics of this because it's one of those patterns I've only seen on lovely slender ladies and no lovely curvy ladies. Even though I don't have good pics, I will say this to any curious curvy ladies out there: Go for it! I think it really looks nice on a variety of body types, perhaps because the striking collar draws focus to the neck and face. It's also a loose, easy fit with tons of ease.

My big challenge was taking a selfie without blocking the pretty neckline, which caused dopey expressions like above.

Regarding sizing, this has lots of ease around the bust and waist, so it really should be considered as a curvy-friendly pattern. The instructions warned to base your size on shoulder width rather than bust size since it's most fitted around the shoulders. Of course I didn't listen and made the largest size CONVINCED that  the pattern could not handle my uber bust. Well, I should have given the pattern more credit. I ended up having to take the sides to the ends of the sleeves in an inch.

 I just love the neckline so much. Here are some final deets:

  • Size 24. Will definitely size down for the next version
  • Fabric is a viscose crepe. Kind of fancy for a wearable muslin, but I would argue that it's the perfect version for a wearable muslin. Mistakes don't really show, and it's not super obvious if the sizing is a little off. Also, it's beautifully drapey. I think that's the only requirement for this pattern: super drapey fabric is a must. 
  • In addition to taking the entire side and sleeve in an inch, I shortened the sleeves a whopping 4.5 inches. I'm a T-Rex. 
  • Sleeve heads are shallow and therefore very easy to put in. Also, you don't have to set or gather or anything for the sleeves. (Obviously, there is some gathering to do around the collar.) LOVE sewing in sleeves flat. 
  • I recommend taking the time to hand slipstitch the collar rather than stitching in the ditch. It's the focal point, and it really didn't take more than a half hour. 
  • Hemmed 3/4 inches per instructions and did not shorten the bodice. I like the length a lot. It sweeps past my tummy but doesn't drown me. 
So that's my new favorite top! Thanks for reading and have a fabulous week!


  1. I've had this pattern prepped forever but have hesitate on sewing it, probably for the reasons you listed. Not a lot of versions on plus ladies and the sizing scares me a little. Going by my shoulders, I think I measured a 14. Hmmmm. But I can see now that I definitely need to give it a go. In a rayon, it can't look too bad if the sizing is off, and it is such a lovely yet still comfy look!

    1. Totally! It's kind of a boho/peasant style so no big deal if a little oversized. It's very comfy but looks polished, which is my favorite for work.