Friday, May 3, 2019

Seamwork Carter: Hacked Version

Hello from SFO! I'm heading down to San Diego for my nephew's wedding this weekend and, as is my habit, I'm quite a bit early for such a short flight. Thought I might use the extra time to write about my experience with the Seamwork Carter from April's issue. Carter is a dress pattern with a shirred waist, but they also have a suggested hack in the issue of a top/tunic. As soon as I saw this, I downloaded it right away. I've never sewn a square neckline, so I thought that part would be fun. Also, I haven't noticed very many raglan sleeves in their patterns, which also made me want to give it a try. 

I love the neckline and how the squares of the ikat pattern mirror the neckline. At first, as you'll see in my pic below, it was just a tidge too long. But I've washed it since, and it shrunk to a length I like. I had been thinking of an exaggerated tunic to wear with leggings or skinny jeans. 

I slashed and spread for a swingy shape, but I guess the fabric doesn't have enough body, or I did something wrong, because it has more of a cocoon shape. Ah well, still comfortable as all get out. I don't like the way it looks with these pants, though, so in the future I'll be wearing with closer fit pants to balance things out. 

Construction Notes:
  • Size 18 - I checked the fit of the sleeve--no bra showing. Neckline feels good. Could size down, though, since, like most Seamwork patterns, there's tons of ease. 
  • I had some trouble topstitching the neckline, so I used a fusible hem tap to tack it down and slip stitched the neckline to the seam allowance. Ever since my Match top, I don't mind a little slip stitching.
  • I think the pattern's pretty cute, but I don't know if I would make it again. I think it's the fabric that makes it for me. Fabric from Stonemountain and Her Daughter. I purchased 2 yards, but since it's around 46 inches wide, I had to do some major pattern tetris to make this. One sleeve is cut on the cross grain. I can't tell you which one. 

Next up, I'll need to finish some linen True Bias Emersons. Almost there.

In other news, sometimes I wake up with an overwhelming urge to make a pair of underwear. These are the Grace pants from OhhhLulu. I haven't made them in a while, and it's one of those patterns, where I'm, like, why did I forget about this pattern? It's designed for a combo of stretch fabric on the sides and woven center panels cut on the bias. I actually used a Birch Organic cotton for the center panels because it has very limited stretch. It was a scrap from a True Bias Lodo dress that I made and wore to death. (Sadly, the Birch Organic dark fabrics fade pretty quickly.)

Well, time to board soon! Have a fantastic weekend and thank you for reading!

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