Sunday, June 9, 2019

CCP Carolyn Pajamas: Finally a Matching Set

Hello! Ever since I made my first  Closet Case Patterns pajama bottoms, I've been pining for a matching set.  I just didn't want to pay a lot for five yards of fabric, so I waited until Fabric Outlet had a big sale, which is quite often, and picked up this sweet elephant patterned double gauze. I still couldn't bring myself to buy a whole five yards, ending up with 4 and 3/4, since I planned to make the short sleeved version.

I think this fabric is intended to be used for baby cribs...or, you know...pajamas for middle aged ladies. Hey, if you can't be whimsical with pajamas, when can you let loose? So, just in time for the heat wave we're currently experiencing, I have my matching set of Carolyn PJs. Double gauze is a wonderful fabric for pajamas; it feels like wearing air. It frays a lot and it's hard to unpick, so it can be a bit of a pain to sew but so worth the comfort!

And here we are! I love my new pajamas and wish I had an excuse to spend all day in them.

Here are the deets:

  • Combo of version B and C. Size 18 for the bottoms and 20 for the top. 
  • Pants: 3" shortened at leg line; 1/2" shortened at hip line (I changed from 1" to 1/2" for the hip line as it had shortened the crotch line too much, and I wanted a little more booty room. Since gauze is such a loosely weaved fabric, I shortened my stitch length around the crotch and inner thighs for extra strength. The pants come together quite quick, especially compared to the top. 
  • For the top I shortened 1/2 inch at the shorten bodice line and cut at the length for a size 12 since I didn't want the shirt to be too long. (I'm 5'2")
  • The piping was fun and drama-free although far from perfect. I used store-bought bias and inserted as flat piping. This can be a pretty labor-intensive project with the faux fly, pockets, piping, and cuffs,  so it was a shortcut that made sense for me. I'm dreaming of a satin pair with piping, but I'm gonna need a LOT of practice before taking that on. 
  • Major drama at the end! My button hole foot made two perfect button holes and lost the plot on the other three. I ended up unpicking and hand sewing the final three. The horror! Just kidding. It was actually okay. I found some tutorials online. Admittedly, they look like ass, but you don't really see them because the button covers them. Not sure what I should do about the button hole foot for future projects, though. 
  • I didn't even think about pattern matching, which is not a big deal for me; however, I do regret the front pocket placement. This is not me "ablogagizing"--just trying to develop a critical eye and think about when fabric placement matters. I suppose I can always remove the front pocket, since it's not like I'm going to keep pens in my pocket while I sleep. We'll see. 
So that's a wrap. Big Little Lies is on so gotta go. Thanks for reading and have a fantastic week!