Thursday, June 20, 2019

Paper Theory Kabuki Tee on Me

Hey there! So after the rip-roaring sewing success of my Zadie jumpsuit, I grew more curious about Paper Theory. Don't we all do that? It's like finding an author you like, so then you want to read all their books. And since I can't ever resist a quickie top pattern, making the Kabuiki Tee next was an obvious choice. This is also a good one to blog about because I think it's helpful to see versions in larger cup sizes.  

But first, isn't this sleeve super cool? I was so scared I would mess up, which is why I'm so utterly pleased with how they turned out.

Overall, I think it's a little too big. I personally love oversized tops, but I think this needs a few tweaks. In the website product photos, the sleeves fall just above the elbow. So mine are a little too long, which is a common problem for this T-Rex. I could also take the hem up another inch.

 Just a few details:

  • I found the fabric on a clearance table at Fabric Outlet. It was around five dollars a yard. I like that even though it's inexpensive it doesn't look cheap. It has an interesting texture, and the colors are nice and muted. It's actually a knit, but only two-way and not very stretchy.
  • The Kabuki is a one-yard-wonder--even in the largest size (20). 
  • I spent a good amount of time scrolling through Kabukis on Instagram, which helped me decide my stripe direction. I tended to gravitate towards the vertical orientation. 
  • I interfaced the right angle corners for extra strength and am glad I did. 
I'm interested in seeing what else Tara from Paper Theory comes up with. She seems so cool--a minimalist, surfer chick who cares about the environment and designs interesting patterns. So glad she's made her cool aesthetic accessible for the rest of us!

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!


  1. Your top looks great on you. I have recently become interested in this pattern but wasn't sure how it works on larger cup sizes. Love the stripe placement. I am trying really hard not to buy more patterns but keep seeing ones I love.

    1. Thanks! I know what you mean. So many patterns, so little time. :)