Thursday, October 31, 2019

Hackish: True Bias Lodo and Seamwork Tacara

Hello and Happy Halloween!  I'm here on the blog for a quick minute to share two recent makes. And I'm using the term "hack" quite broadly here, since, really, all I did was shorten two patterns designed for dresses into tops. Does that even count as a hack? 

I made both of these before I put together my fall/winter wardrobe planning list, so you can't accuse me of being distracted just yet...except,... I'm totally and hopelessly distracted.  It seems that since sorting through my stash, all I want to do is plan, read about, think about, and look at beautiful modern quilts. I am seriously smitten. 

Anyhoo, moving along...back to my hackish tops for now. The first one (pictured above) is a shortened True Bias Lodo. I've hacked this pattern before, so I knew it would work out. The key is just to make sure you have a very stable fabric. 

This top was all about the super special fabric I stumbled upon at Britex. It was one of those "I'm just going in to buy some thread" trips, and I ended up walking out with an expensive little treat for myself. The pattern is composed of a type of triskelion from Sicily known as Trinacria—a three-legged woman symbolizing Sicily. To be honest, I was unfamiliar with the motif. When I brought it home and showed Beej, he told me what it was. I sometimes forget what a smartie he is. 

Here's a closeup. 

Cool, huh? Okay, just a few details. 
  • The hack is pretty self-explanatory: You shorten to the desired length. 
  • Size 18 (largest)
  • The Lodo has one of my favorite necklines. It's a nice clean finish, doesn't warp or stretch out with washing, is not too low nor too high. 
  • Fabric was more than I usually pay for a knit—$39.99 per yard! Britex has a lot of Italian fabric. They tend to be pricey but of good quality. I'm keeping it out of the dryer so it, hopefully, doesn't fade too fast.
  • I purchased 1.5 yards and only have a few small morsels leftover. It's too stable for undies, so I'm not sure what I'll do with it. 
  • I used some black and white polka dot from my scraps for the facing and binding. 
  • Didn't bother with cover-stitching since the hem is nice and wide and doesn't stretch or flip. Just serged, turned up, and straight-stitched. 
  • Such a quick and easy make. Great for wearing under cardigans, comfy, and cute. 
Next up is a shortened Seamwork Tacara. I made this because I wanted a little knit break after working on my corduroy Stacker jacket. I had been thinking about making a new Tessuti Mandy Boatneck, but was feeling too lazy to put together the newly updated pdf pages and had tossed my old version out. That's when I remembered that I had made a Seamwork Tacara last year and that it was pretty similar. The rest is hackish history. 

Coincidentally, I just read Meg's new pattern comparison of Grainline's resized Hemlock and the Mandy. She also pointed out the similarities between the Tacara and the Mandy. I have just a few points to add to her excellent post. 
  • The Mandy and Tacara are indeed very similar, but the Tacara is around three or four inches wider. You can see this in my modeling pic where I show off the full wingspan. 
  • Both Mandy and Tacara rely on fitted lower sleeves to balance out the oversized body. You really need a knit with lots of stretch both ways. Bamboo rayon is perfect.
  •  I've been planning to try the new Grainline version, but after Meg's review I might just try the short sleeve as the fitted 3/4 sleeves are my favorite part. Otherwise, I think it would be too sloppy/slouchy and oversized for my short frame. 
  • I ended up, entirely by accident, sewing a perfect t-shirt band. I had planned to cut a narrow band and turn to the inside but was floating along on autopilot and cut a too-wide band. I swear if I'd purposely tried to sew a perfect band, I would've screwed it up. 
  • Size 18, shortened to top length.
  • Fabric is bamboo rayon in spruce from Blackbird Fabrics that's been in my stash for over a year. It feels wonderful on the skin and has fantastic drape. 
I had enough scrap fabric to bust out two pairs of Frankie undies. Pattern by Evie La Luve and it's a good one!

So those are my hackish makes. Thanks for reading and have a great week.


  1. Love your tops and I love love love your expensive knit for the first one! So cute!!

    1. Thanks so much, Diane! Sometimes we need to treat ourselves. :)

  2. these look great on you! I have this pattern but have not made it yet, you’ve inspired me to give it a try!Love from Fabrics World USA