Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Hi! Hope you're having a splendid week. So I spent last weekend sorting and organizing my scraps which I REALLY needed to do. There were random bags of fabric taking over my closet, and it was starting to stress me out.  The best part of sorting is all the ideas that started formulating as I remembered I had a piece of this and piece of that and started looking at colors and textures next to each other. Then, of course, I think of the amount of time it takes to actually sew up all this stuff in my head, which then brings me back to reality. 

I did, however, manage to do a bit of scrapbusting in the form of two pillows. I love my kilim rug pillows, but they're not the softest.  Beej and I always have to turn them over to the non-kilim side to avoid scratching our faces. 

First up is my foray into proper quilting. (I did make a patchwork blanket many years back, but I knew even less then, and I wasn't really following any kind of directions or pattern.) This is the Kalaloch pillow from the book Simple Geometric Quilting, by Laura Preston. (By the way, not promoting or monetizing, etc. Just randomly found it on instagram.) This is a great beginner project because it's easy yet yields an advanced-looking result. It's also great for scrapbusting because, with the exception of the background color, it doesn't require very much fabric at all. I used a natural colored linen for the main fabric, purchased from Stonemountain. It photographs a  little lighter than it actually is. Upon receiving it,  I quickly decided it wouldn't be a good garment color on me—would totally wash me out—so I'm happy to have found another use for it. The colored scraps include some linen/silk blend from my DnD Nenuphar jacket, a linen/viscose noil from an unblogged top, and tweed pieces from a coat I bought in Hong Kong nearly two decades ago. I really need to purge more often.

The triangle pillow was something simple I just winged because I loved the way the Nenuphar fabric looked with the gold corduroy scraps. 

I created a pattern like so: 

And just added a 1/4" inch SA. I also interfaced the pink and natural linen so that they would stand up to the corduroy. I continued with the scrapbusting and made insert pillows out of other, less desirable, scraps. Overall, very happy with both projects. 

Now I just have this left to bust...

Sigh. I know, that's a crazy amount of scraps. But at least they're logically sorted so that I can find what I'm looking for easier or grab the tub of knits when I'm in an underwear-making mood. I think I will return to my past system of building scrapbusting projects in between full stash projects to keep things under control. I'm excited to learn more about quilting, and I have an idea for a wall hanging and some new pillow shams for the bedroom. It's also time to cool it (again) with fabric buying for a while. 

I did joke with Beej that I should open an Etsy shop named Scrapbustin'. In my case, though, I'd have to fill it with pillow covers and underwear which seems super specific. :)

I would love to know if anyone out there has any scrapbusting tips—particularly for heavy (ponte, etc.) knits and rayon wovens. 

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your week!

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