Monday, December 30, 2019

Wardrobe by Me: Men's Tropical Shirt

Hello, Hello! I hope you're enjoying some time off with family and friends this week. For me, the holidays are an exhausting mad dash all the way up to Christmas Eve, and then everything stops and gets very, very quiet. 

Today I'm blogging about one of my last garments of 2019: the Men's Tropical Shirt pattern by Wardrobe by Me (WBM). It's been a while since I made Beej a shirt and he's been super patient. Personally, I like a camp or "convertible" collar. I think it has a retro-vibe that somewhat suits Beej's style. And, bonus, it's easier to sew than an oxford version with the collar stand. I liked this pattern very much. It was a straightforward sew, and the technical illustrations were very simple and clear. 

In the past, I've made Beej a few Colette Negroni shirts, and I was trying to figure out the main difference in case someone is reading this to decide which to make. There isn't a huge difference. Mainly, the Negroni has a lot more variations—long sleeves, different pocket styles, etc.—but also, I think the Negroni tapers in at the waist more. Take a look at the two flat drawings to compare. The Negroni is the first set of drawings. 

The WBM shirt is more basic, but it has all the elements I was looking for. 

This was my first WBM pattern. I've purchased a few women's patterns but never got around to making them. My experience was positive enough to warrant a second look at this company. 

I always try to bring something special to my garments for Beej. Otherwise, it's just a shirt, and, honestly, not sewn as well as something you could get in a store. I hate to say that, but it's true. I just don't have the set-up or shirt-sewing expertise that comes with lots of practice and a precise eye that you get in a professional garment-making situation. Funny, though, I just learned this last month that my Granny worked in a shirt-making factory for years. Somehow, the experience didn't kill all her joy in sewing, and, apparently, she made beautifully tailored shirts for my cousins, dad, and uncles. So maybe there's hope for me yet! :)

For this garment, the special bit is the fabric and the buttons. The fabric we purchased two years ago in the Paris Montmartre district where they sell all the coupons of fabric. It's a very nice brownish-gray linen with some subtle woven stripes. Beej loves linen, and I think the fabric choice suits the vacation-look of that particular style shirt. If you sew a lot, the buttons are probably immediately recognizable as Arrow Mountain buttons. I  just love her stuff. 

A few more details:
  • Size XL. Beej has narrow shoulders, long arms, and a bit of a tummy. He has compared himself to an orangutan in the past. Personally, I think orangutans are adorable! 
  • The shoulders are a little too broad, but I don't want to do a narrow shoulder adjustment because he often layers three, sometimes even four, shirts at a time.  
  • I regret that I did not french seam the sides. I wish I had started a little earlier and also that I had at least changed out the magenta thread in my serger. Oh well, not so gorgeous on the guts for this one, but hopefully for the next. 
  • Beej likes the length of the sleeves and hem, so this is straight out of the packet. Yes!
So that's it from me, probably for the year. I'll be back soon with top 5 reflections/hits/misses. Wherever you are, whatever you end up doing, I wish you a happy, safe, and peaceful New Year. 

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