Tuesday, February 25, 2020

PJs for Beej: Free Pattern

Hey there! I'm popping on here for a quick minute to share my experience with a free pattern by 5 out of 4 Patterns. I credit free patterns with helping me venture more quickly into sewing by providing a low-risk learning experience. I'm always so appreciative, so I like to give a grateful shout out to those companies that provide the occasional freebie.

A few weeks ago, Beej requested a pair of pajama pants. It's been cold, and he'd been sleeping in his sweats. I looked at buying a pattern from Wardrobe by Me that looked like a one-piece per leg wonder, but they didn't include pockets. Beej had requested pockets, and can you blame him? Who doesn't want pockets? He also made some smart ass comment about needing pockets for his earplugs when I start snoring, but that's another story...

A quick google search for pajama patterns landed me at 5 out of 4 Patterns, a new-to-me pattern company. The pattern is a standard pj pant, unisex, with a good size range and can be found here in the freebie section.

 As I've mentioned in the past, while I don't sew for Beej often, when I do I like to look for ways to customize his garments. He's a huge SF Giants fan, so I went for his team colors of orange and black. (Not my favorite combo, personally, but I'm not the one wearing them.) I used a scrap from a Thread Theory hoodie I made him a while back for the trim at the bottom. You know, after 6+ years of sewing, this is the first time I've made or used trim. It seems kind of like something I would see in a beginner sewing book, like rikrak or something. At any rate, it was actually kind of fun. I think a cuff with piping would be more elevated, but I really wanted to use what I had on hand. Here's how I made the trim:

  • Cut two 1.5" pieces of fabric that were long enough to encircle the stitched hemline.
  • Because my orange fabric was a knit, albeit fairly stable, I used some hem tape (AKA Steam a Seam) as a stabilizer. 
  • Turned the fabric over to the wrong side and folded fabric on either side to meet in the middle (like bias tape). 
  • While folding in, I threaded the hem tape in the middle and ironed as I went. 
  • Then I sewed the trim down along the top and bottom to secure it. That's it!
Excuse the folded laundry in the corner!
Some sizing/modification/pattern details. 
  • I made a size medium based on Beej's hip measurement. 
  • Beej is 5'9" so I removed 2" at the "shorten here" line. This worked out perfectly. 
  • The instructions were pretty good. I appreciated the reminder to sew down the inseam pockets so that they don't migrate towards the back. They also explained two different methods for sewing the elastic. Since I serged the top, I chose to stretch and sew my elastic directly on, flip down, and sew down again rather than the casing method. 
  • Per the instructions, I made two button holes for feeding the drawstring through. The drawstring ended up a bit too short and will be replaced. 
This project was was super easy, and now Beej has  pajama pants that perfectly match the hoodie I made for him. He also looks pretty dang cute, IMO. 

The best part about sewing for Beej, though, is how much he appreciates the things I make for him. Even a simple pair of pjs! You would think he'd never owned pajamas before. The other day when we were getting ready for work, I noticed him carefully folding them and placing them under his pillow. It made me feel so good!

That's all for now. Thank you for reading and have a great week!

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