Tuesday, September 15, 2020

2020 Summer Recap

Hey there. I just realized recently that I never blogged once this summer. Because I like to look back at my makes and memories, I'm going to post a catch-up of some things I made over the summer. There are a couple of items to be blogged later that I'd like to get modeling pics of because I know that's helpful, particularly for curvy/plus sewists like me. But I'm going to wait until after my cut and color on Oct. 3rd. Seriously, my hair looks like ass since it's grown out so much, and it was kinda the only thing that was making me feel cute. 

Like most, I spent the summer socially distancing and staying at home or very close to it. However, we did take a week off in August and rented a cabin at Lake Tahoe which was wonderfully peaceful. 

That's where I took this instagrammish (#quiltsinthewild) pic of my most recent improv quilt top. I loved working on this, the whole process of sorting through fabric colors, making sketches, and revising as I went along. I'm also really proud that it's made entirely out of linen scraps from various garment sewing projects. I still have to quilt this, but since my friends had to postpone their wedding plans, I have some time to procrastinate. By the way, Beej is the best insta-husband ever for getting up on that rock to hold up my quilt. 

Speaking of Beej, we celebrated our 12-year wedding anniversary this summer. To my utter delight, I discovered that year 12 is linen. Score! The pattern is the Men's Tropical Shirt by Wardrobe By Me, which I've blogged about here if you would like more details. I like this pattern because it fits him straight out of the envelope and suits his casual style. The fabric is 100% linen from Elizabeth Suzann. The pocket patch is the Eye of Agamotto--a Dr. Strange thing that he already had in his vast collection of comic book memorabilia. His geek-friends thought it was pretty cool. 

And to no one's surprise ever, I made myself some underpants. These are the Frankie Pants from Evie La Luve, which are my current fave. Not too big, not too small, and they don't ride up or migrate south. They also don't use very much fabric. I managed to get four pairs out of one decent-sized scrap (less than a yard) of bamboo rayon. Admittedly, that's a lot of stripy underwear for one person. I'm slowly chiseling away at the three bins of fabric scraps I blogged about here

And speaking of using up scraps, I made this denim apron from a couple of pairs of jeans and a scrap of dark denim in my bin. This was a lot of fun to make and solved the conundrum of what to do with stretch denim.  It's a cafe apron that doubles over in the back. I could almost get away with wearing it as a dress but wouldn't dare because...middle age. I made this for my latest obsession, ceramics. We got rid of our car earlier this year, which left lots of room in the garage to set up a pottery and enameling studio. Happy to say that this apron is already smeared with clay. 

So that's most of what I've been up to lately. Bummed about the state of the world but trying to keep my spirits up at home by making things and exploring interests. I hope you had a great or at least peaceful and interesting summer. Thanks for reading!

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