Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Free Pattern Review: Valley Jumpsuit


Hello! I'm on the blog today to share my experience with the Valley Jumpsuit by Peppermint Magazine. I love free patterns, and sharing information about them seems like a nice way to pay it forward. Also, I didn't see a lot of posts about it when I was looking around, particularly by curvy bloggers.  

While I love wearing my Zadie jumpsuits (blogged here), I had started feeling like I was in a bit of a rut and just relying on the same shape which, of course, gets a little boring when you like to make your own clothes. 

So this was my first time sewing a Peppermint Magazine, but now I might just have to try some others. There are some seriously cute ones in the archive. I know there is always the caveat to free patterns, "Be careful. You get what you pay for." But I think that because Peppermint Mag only releases them quarterly AND they hire well-known pattern designers who are putting their name/reputation on the product, the quality is higher.  

With only three pattern pieces (not including a bias strip you will also have to measure and cut),  the Valley Jumpsuit is a fun sew with very little fitting needed.  I already want to make another--this time with snaps. We'll see if it actually happens.

Here are my mods and sizing, etc. 
  • There are two different size ranges: one drafted with a B-cup and one with a D-cup. Obviously, I opted for the second size range. I used my full bust measurement to choose size 51 on top and my hip measurement for a 49 on the bottom.  This resulted in my jumpsuit being too large on top/shoulders. Total rookie mistake.  Next time I'll size down to a 49 for the top. There are almost 12" of ease on the bodice, so plenty of room.
  • I'm not a huge fan of patch pockets, but since there is no side seam I didn't have a choice. I did, however, angle the pockets and moved them up a couple of inches so that I could put my hands in my pockets more naturally. I also added this fun detail--pic below. Instead of top stitching the pocket edge, I interfaced and then hem stitched it with a decorative stitch.  I think it also makes the pocket edge a bit stronger too. 

  • I only had three of the large wooden buttons, so I sewed in a snap halfway between the waistband and the end of the buttons. I was considering smaller buttons, but then my mind flashed to all those times I've rushed home to get to the bathroom. Bathrooms and jumpsuits require a little pre-planning and consideration. 
  • Straightened the leg a bit so it didn't taper in too much. For some reason, that gave me more of a pajama feel. 
  • Shortened legs 2" at mid leg and another 3" at the bottom. Shortened the sleeve 1". 
  • Substituted 2" elastic since it's all I had on hand, which shortened the bodice but not enough.  It's still a little too blousey compared to the model's finished version, but I dont' mind since I tend to like my clothes loose and a bit oversized. 
  • Fabric is Robert Kaufman Brussels linen blended with rayon. I chose this mainly because I was trying a new pattern/shape and didn't want to break the bank. But it's actually a good choice for this pattern, I think, because of the drape. 
  • This was such an easy, quick pattern. It probably took more time to assemble the pdf pattern than to cut and sew it together. 

So that's all I can think of to say about this pattern. I think it's cute and just might make it again. Thanks for reading and have a good week!

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